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 By means of excellent synchronization in this machine, it is possible to get dough pieces from right or left outlets and therefore, a more comfortable working place is achieved. In the proofer, hygienic plastic bowls which allows easy cleaning, are used. Some parts of the machine are covered by transparent material in order to observe the dough. The control panel is protected against electrical errors such as missing phases or wrong connections

Technical Specification
 Model  Unit ASL 450  ASL 400 
 Number of Bowls  pcs.  154 238 
 Dough Proofing Range  g   100 - 1500   100 - 1500 
 Dough Proofing Time  min   4.5  8.5 
 Capacity  pcs/h   1800 - 2000   1800- 2000 
 Width (W)  mm   1670   1670 
 Length (L)  mm  1350  1950
 Height (H)  mm   2050   2050 
 Height of Dough Entrance (H1)  mm  900  900
 Height of Dough Exit (H2)  mm  1170   1170
 Electrical Power  kW  0,55   0,55
 Weight of The Machine  kg   465  630 


Technical Drawing
Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.